Conjuring Conflict

 The Paris Notebook is still in process. Another editor read it, liked it, and suggested revisions. She had a really good idea for how to fix the nagging problem of conflict. Or lack thereof. Creating conflict is an element of story I’ve struggled with since I began writing fiction. Lack of plausible interal conflict between the hero and heroine was the reason Harlequin turned down Blue Heaven. And once again, it’s the internal conflict between the hero and heroine that is missing.

The bad news is, still no contract. The good news is, she wants to read it again after I revise it.


  1. That is tough- I had a similar criticism of internal conflict leveled at me- will be reading eagerly as you tackle this one- and I HAVE NO DOUBT you will tackle it 🙂


  2. Thanks for the votes of confidence, which I sorely need right now. I tried incorporating a version of the editor’s idea for internal conflict yesterday. Just setting it up made me wonder if it will play out successfully on the page.


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