I’m Honored

This morning I gave the query one last polish and sent it off to Harlequin with a real feeling that “this might just be the one.” I get that feeling a lot, but still. I really feel like the universe is pulling for me these days.

For example, my friend Becky just posted a piece about me on her  gorgeous Text Isle Patchwork site. Her entry, way more than an interview, honors our cyber-friendship, excerpts a couple of her faves from my way-long-ago entries, asks me writing questions, and even includes a holiday cocktail recipe I invented last year. 

With friends like Becky, how can I help but feel lucky?


  1. Just read Becky’s post and loved the two posts of yours that she highlighted. I’m diligently working on my own novel and trusting that I’ll find the “key” somewhere in the process.


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