Merry Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury retrogrades on December 10, the planet that rules communication literally stops moving forward. Instead it retrogrades. What this means for folks here on Earth is a slow down in communications. Just in time for the hectic holidays!

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I’m actually looking forward to the retrograde period, as it’s perfect for revising, which is what I’ll be doing all month. It’s not so perfect for initiating new things, and it might be smart to mail packages early and back up all your computer files. As for shopping, if you start now, before the retrograde period, you’ll be fine finishing up after the 10th. The closer you wait until Christmas, the greater the chance of a store being out of something. What else is new? Such is the merry month of December with or without a retrograde.

The positives for retrogrades outweigh the negatives IMO. With the usual frenzy of December, I feel fine with slowing down, taking extra care with communications and thinking through major decisions before acting on impulse. As an Aries, I run my life pretty much on impulse, so these periods help me to reconnect with a slower rhythm.

Also on the happy side of retrogrades is that connecting with old friends is super-special. Anything in life that you start before the retrograde can be completed without too much hassle. For example, I’m probably not going to get my cards out by the 10th. But I bought them AND my holiday stamps. So, because I’ve already initiated that action, I’m content.

And somehow just knowing what to expect, when a miscommunication or slowdown occurs, I will be more ready and willing to go with the flow. Since my usual tendency is to stubbornly insist on turning the tide, for me retrogrades come with their own unique pleasures.


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