Pitch Perfect

The skies above Detroit are gray and rainy today. Luckily, my house is decorated for Christmas, so my mood isn’t as bleak as the weather. Also, I see the light at the end of the teaching tunnel, which means I don’t have hours of prep for tomorrow’s classes and I can use my time today to read the draft of Luke’s #1 Rule straight through, noting where I need to cut and where I need to go deeper.

I’ve already got a list of big-picture plot changes and have begun revising and polishing the first three chapters. Also, I’m perfecting my query to the editor interested in seeing more of my work. Many writers get hung up about query letters, but they are not a problem for me. My years as a book reviewer honed my synopsis skills, and they come in handy when you want something quick and clever to catch an editor’s eye.

I hope to have that letter out by the end of the week and be well into the revision by then, too. Also, I still have a little Christmas shopping to sort out and end of term grading frenzy to contend with. I’m determined to have the letter sent and the shopping done before December 10 when Mercury goes retrograde again.


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