Positive Spin

I’ve been emailing back and forth with a few editors at TWRP. I’m impressed with their quick responses. So refreshing! I now know which editor inherited my project–she hasn’t looked at it yet, but it’s on her to-do list. BTW “inherited” is her word.

My heart’s been heavy since this thing happened. I had been imagining the editor who requested the full manuscript as falling deeply in love with the story, being totally floored with my keen ability to take editoral advice, and by now offering me a beautiful contract. All those positive thoughts burst when she told me she was leaving her position and my book would be passed on.

But a brief email this morning, and that one little word “inheritance” changed things up. I think of inheritances as positive. I have inherited many wonderful things, both genetically and materially, and never once have I inherited something I didn’t want or love.

So I’m going with the positive spin on this one.


  1. Sometimes people who inherit things treat them differently to their original owners. But whether or not this editor goes for it or not, it’s not the end… keep going. It will find a fit somewhere.


  2. John, I got a chuckle out of your inheritance comment. I have seen this happen–parents work two jobs, never take vacations, kids wear hand-me-down clothes, and then parents die with a small fortune in the bank and the kids blow it in a month on a cruise around the world or something.


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