Just received sad news. My friend Linn passed away yesterday. I first met Linn thirty years ago when we were both members of a poetry group at Macomb Community College called “The Fantasy Factory.”

Linn was a talented poet; she was also the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I’m talking movie star gorgeous without all the help of make up and lighting. She was simply stunning to behold.

Linn was fun, too. The life of the party. I didn’t get to know her well then, but twenty years later, she would enter my life again in a way that I consider one of those ordinary miracles. My friend Pat was friends with Linn’s sister Kris. Pat always talked about Kris, what a fabulous poet she was, how she ran writing workshops out of her grand old historic home.

Pat brought me to one of those workshops and I met Kris and that was that for a long time. Until I started working at the same college as Kris. We had classes next door to each other, and we’d walk across the OU campus back to our offices in Wilson Hall. We weren’t really friends, just work associates.

Then Pat got sick and Kris and I bonded over our shared concern for our mutual friend. Kris and I became close friends; we attended Pat’s funeral service together. Our friendship firmly sealed from that point on, Kris and I felt like sisters. At least to me. I don’t have sisters and always make my friends over into sisters in my head. Kris already had sisters, Linn and Jana.

I saw Linn all the time after Kris and I became tight friends ten years ago. Kris is a social person with a large extended family. She hosts tons of parties and events, and I, as a BFF, got to attend all the festivities. So did Linn. We always talked, sometimes about the old Fantasy Factory days, sometimes about our mutual interest in spiritual things. Our last prolonged discussion was about Eckhart Tolle and how he changed both of our lives.

And now, suddenly and without warning, Linn has transitioned from this life. I hope Eckhart is right and that there is no end to who we really are, that our souls live on for eternity. I want to believe that Linn is still somewhere out there, spreading her loving vibrations through the universe.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. From the way you describe her, Linn was a very special person indeed, and the world is richer for her having been in it. My heartfelt sympathies to you and all who knew her.


  2. Thanks Karen. I hate that helpless feeling in the face of death and so I write. I am saddened that I’ll never see her again and that her life was cut short.


  3. She was, John. Thank you. She amazed me these past few years especially. There was a new light inside her when she discovered her spiritual side. And she had so many plans…


  4. I love it when I know people who are wonderful and they invite me into their lives. Their loss leaves a void that is hard, if not impossible, to fill. I am keeping you and Linn’s family in my thoughts ~


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