Oh, Venus

As Venus (the planet of love, relationships, and money) moves forward again, I’m thinking about how this planet’s current sky placement serves writers. It’s a good time to sign a contract. If I had one to sign. It’s a good time to forge new alliances with agents and editors. If some such person would contact me to say they are in love with my writing and want to marry it right now!

Meanwhile, it’s probably a really good time to write and revise love scenes…and I have an excellent reason to do so. My local RWA chapter hosts an annual love scene contest called Between the Sheets. The contest closes on Valentine’s Day 2011, so there’s plenty of time to get a scene in contest wow shape.

Also, as Venus is the goddess of beauty, this is a good time for a make over. I’ve got an appointment today to get my shoulder length hair chopped off. I’m also going from blonde to brunette. Radical cosmetic changes tend to work out well with Venus in forward motion.

Take advantage of positive Venus engergy now, because she’s going retrograde again in a few weeks.

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