What the Gypsy Wants

Tuesday was our GDRWA meeting. That meeting always gets me thinking about goals–we do a goal challenge and usually I know exactly where I’d like to be writing-wise by the next meeting. This time, I had no clue.

I continue to revise Blue Heaven with my critique group (we meet this Sunday) so I’m not worried if Harlequin by some miracle calls and says “Send us the full now!” Thanks to Tom, Maureen, and Susan, it will be ready.

So I’ve got options. There’s Luke’s #1 Rule. It’s all written, but it’s a first draft so it could use a thorough revision. Then there’s the third Blue Lake book, which is just a tiny seed of an idea and a bunch of character notes right now. I could begin to draft that book.

For most of my novels, I have target publishers. The Blue Lake trilogy is targeted for Harlequin. Two stand-alones, The Paris Notebook and Sugar Shack, are earmarked for TWRP.  

If none of these books ends up finding homes with the target publishers, I’ll be self-publishing them via Kindle or Create Space or something. I know I want my website to look like this by 2012, which will be the blog’s ten year anniversary.

I also have that “blog behind the book” idea for categorizing my blog posts. It’s a really good thing I got the okay to quit the day job;-) because self-published or traditionally published, or maybe a bit of both, I’m going to be busy.

There’s one book I haven’t mentioned, well, it started out as two books, but I’m thinking of combining them. All the novels mentioned above are romance/women’s fiction. The other novels, Gypsy and Travelling Girl, are paranormal. I got it into my head that in January maybe I should read those books over and see if I can combine them, see if I can make a 90,000 word book for once in my life, and then query agents.

Maybe agents will be more interested in paranormal than romance. As I wait to hear what the editors of the publishing houses have to say about my work, it might be a nice change of pace to switch back into paranormal mode. Probably not until January. For sure not until classes are over on December 15.

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