A New Twist

Today is the first day in six weeks that I am not in either full-out writing or teaching mode. The freedom feels fabulous. I just need a few days to do some holiday shopping, get my hair done, be normal. Having the pressure off feels great.

Meanwhile I still hope to hear good news from Harlequin and TWRP, although there’s been a twist with the second publisher. The editor who liked my manuscript is leaving the press and she’s already passed my project on to the head of the line I’m targeting, who may take the manuscript on herself or pass it to someone else.

So what will become of The Paris Notebook? I simply don’t know.

What I do know is that I have another manuscript begging to be revised and a new story knocking at the door of my writing mind. So, just as soon as I take a few days to catch my breath, I’ll be back to work.


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