Food & Worry

This charming narrative about the road to self-realization (and maybe even true love) stars smart, funny, and unemployed Moira Shapiro.

Moira grew up as the daughter of restaurant owners in the privileged world of Washington D.C. Her intelligence got her into a top college but her increasingly disabling OCD has left her unemployed. When Moira reads the updates of more successful college acquaintances in the alumni magazine, she pens a far shinier version of herself and sends it off.

She meets Caitlin and Geoff, alums she’s always admired from afar, and explains away the piece as a spoof, a send up of glossy self-aggrandizing entries. Caitlin, as a performance artist, loves Moira’s gutsy take on alumni bragging, but she hates that Geoff seems smitten with Moira. Other issues test the tentative friendship of Moira and Caitlin. While Moira makes daily progress in regulating the complex world of OCD, Caitlin takes shocking advantage of Moira’s struggles.

Will Moira find love and the job of her dreams or will forces beyond her control wreck even more havoc than her OCD? Debut author Becky Wolsk’s empathy, insights, and humor make Moira’s plight, and the book’s ultimate resolution, sweet, sassy, and satisfying.

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