Dear Jan

Jan is a friend of mine. Al and I went out to dinner with Jan and her husband last night. I never got to tell her what is up with my writing, so when she sent me an email this morning, I took the opportunity to fill her in on what I’ve been doing for the past five weeks. Here’s what I said:
Hi Jan,
Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be trying that soon, maybe even tomorrow. And we are in for the wine tasting!
Al is out golfing today. I’m writing. In fact, just before I opened my email I typed the final edit into my novel, The Paris Notebook. For the past five weeks, ever since an editor (a digital publisher, but they also have print editions of every book available.) expressed interest in seeing the complete manuscript. She asked me to revise it for passive voice and to make the hero more heroic.
I did a revision with those two things in mind. Wow, I had a lot of passive voice! And my hero was too much like an actual man. I had to make him over big time. Meaning he had to actually listen to the heroine and not be so self-involved and as the editor termed it, “shallow.” Ouch.
But I did it! After the major revision, which took most of the time, because I corrected on my paper manuscript and then had to type all the corrections in, I then printed a fresh copy (400 pages!!) and read that again. Just to be sure. Wouldn’t you know there were about 100 mistakes, small things, but they needed to be fixed.
I was not about to reprint all 400 pages or even the 100 pages, especially if the page was perfect except for one word. In one case I had to take out a redundant paragraph, which meant I had to change the page numbers by hand. What a pain! But I wanted an accurate print copy for myself.
I will be emailing this to the editor, but almost feel like I need to review it one more time first! I am not sure when enough is enough. I almost sent it before I did the “final” read through and look at all the mistakes I found! This time there should be less, if any. Still I don’t relish reading this puppy for a third time in a month. I am going to leave it for today and read a book!
xxo Cindy


  1. Congratulations on the final edit!

    Though I confess I found something kind of funny about this:

    “And my hero was too much like an actual man. I had to make him over big time.”


  2. Hey John, It’s not just my male characters I make too “real” I also have female characters that many an editor has said they don’t warm up to…I come from the literary tradition, what my degrees are in and what I teach, so writing romance, I’m having to learn that these readers pick up books in order to forget about ordinary “real” life. So I’ve had to tweek my females and males to make them more romance friendly.


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