Becky’s Books

My friend Becky just did something amazing. She went and published two novels at the same time! I read a draft of Six Words years ago and fell in love with the protagonist, who has a rich inner life every bit as intriguing as her complicated romantic entanglements.  

Becky’s amazing website gives you an idea of how creative and talented she is: mom, wife, novelist, quilter, blogger and (soon to be) cookbook author. Also a wonderful friend who I’ve shared so many ups and downs with through the years. We talk about everything, not just writing.

Becky was a goldmine of support to me behind the scenes as I wrestled with the decision about continuing to teach or going full out for the writing dream. She’s a huge inspiration to me these days because she made her writing dreams come true with her own two hands.

And if Becky can do it, maybe I can too.


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