It’s Official!

Just emailed my dean with the news that I will not be teaching this winter! Until I hit send I didn’t really believe it. This has been a tough decision and I kept going back and forth with it (not to mention Al having real issues with a paycheck-less me) but this is what I want to do right now. In class yesterday I looked at my students and thought, really can I do this? I will miss them! I will also miss the paycheck.

But on balance, I will not miss the grading and the time it takes to prepare lessons and getting all dressed up in my good jeans and trying to find the right shoes for the outfit and putting on make up and carrying a heavy book bag. Won’t miss driving in the snow. Won’t miss wishing for snow days and checking the news every two minutes. Won’t miss the parking lot closest to my buillding being full again.

So, five months (and who knows, maybe more) of full time writing. Such bliss! Finished the edits for The Paris Notebook this morning. Now just need to type them in. Argh. Thanks to everyone who sent links and articles and advice about passive voice. Interestingly, only one person had advice about making my hero more heroic. (Make him listen;-)


  1. Awesome! Now the key is to stick with a schedule of discipline, I did the same thing and squandered it away, sadly.

    Also, how do you get past the first draft? I’m writing my second book and I’m struggling because I hate the words as they appear- I know its normal- but its making the process of writing much slower and more painful.


  2. Thanks Sharon and John.

    Aisha first drafts are typically terrible. From Hemingway to Anne Lamott, they all say the same thing in different words. “First drafts are crap.” Step one is to accept that and remind yourself you can fix it later. Then press on with the draft. That’s what I do. Other writers, like Louise Erdrich, rewrite the previous day’s pages, over and over, until they are satisfied.


  3. Cindy,
    I am excited for you, and assume this means you are putting all of your energies into writing. Three cheers for that — and I can’t wait to hear of your progress with Paris Notebook. Please shoot me an e-mail when you can.

    Sadly, I can’t keep up with blogging as often as I did last year, since my mother’s dementia is worse these days and it’s not uncommon for me to spend two or three days a week tending to her medical appointments (driving, dealing with doctors, meds, etc.). Anyhoo, would love to hear more when you can.

    Congrats too on publication of your poetry book!


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