Venus in Retrograde

Venus is the sign of love and money and both those things are tangled up right now for me. Every day finds me changing my mind, hesitating, worrying. Which is why the news that Venus went retrograde last week isn’t such a surprise. This state of the stars will continue for another six weeks.

The big decision here regards my personal finances. And since I’m married, those decisions are made as a couple. My partner doesn’t agree with what I want to do. He almost never does when it means a dip in income, Venus retrograde or no.  

I can push through in my usual Aries way, but at this point in my life (and in the current economy) I don’t feel as safe as usual to just go with my intuition. So there’s a lot of fear around this decision, which is basically about my job. Should I stay or should I go?

We are not talking huge sums of cash here. But we are talking sweeping swathes of time and energy. We are talking marital disharmony. Which I hate. But at least it will all be over, all decided, one way or the other, in six weeks.


  1. Gee, astrologically, if it’s not one thing it’s another. The decision you’re pondering is a tough one. Here is the thing I have learned about the universe: if I try to hold onto one thing until the next thing comes along, the next thing doesn’t know it’s time to show up. That’s not to say the next thing shows up in a timely fashion….


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