Conference Coincidence

I don’t really believe in coincidence, more that the universe constantly sends messages meant to nudge in the right direction. Of course there’s the other side of the story, which is that about half the time, when I follow up, nothing comes of it. Still, I stand firm in my belief that the universe is constantly sending me helpful messages. I just wish they were clearer.

What happened at the conference is that I saw the guy (an editor with Harlequin) who loved Sugar Shack. I found the email in which he says that my writing has “flashes of insight and humor that jump off the page” and that I’m “good at establishing atmosphere.” He also said “We’d be happy to review other material from this author.”

So why was I not sending him new manuscripts perfect for one of the lines he edited every six months? Because I had an agent who liked my paranormals and wanted me to expand the category romance into a single title, so I followed her advice, not what, in hindsight, seems like the more perfect plan.

What were we thinking???!!

Anyway, seeing this guy again gave me a cosmic push. As soon as I parted ways with my agent, I put the plan in place to write several categories, and keep sending them every six months or so. One’s already at Harlequin, one is in the revision stage, and I’m diligently working on the third (Yes! Finally started it at the conference!). I’m working the plan that I should have started years ago, had I read the message from the universe correctly.

But the universe is kind and it will send along another “coincidence” if you don’t get it the first time. Which is what happened at the conference. The editor who so enjoyed Sugar Shack works for a line that buys the type of story (home and family themes) I’m writing now! And he told everyone at the workshop we could send him a query.

Flashing neon sign from the spirits in the sky.


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