Astrology Strikes Again

This summer was major in Astrology World. Something fairly unusual called a Cardinal Cross lit up the sky ensuring that the stars hit the fan for almost everyone. Barry calls this pattern a “massive course-correction.”

As to my own path, a few things are urging me to go in a new direction. One, health, two, work, three, relationship.

Yesterday marked 25 years married to Al.  As we talked about our life together over the weekend, we agree that it was a marriage neither of us expected to last. This is Al’s first marriage, my third. Al used to refer to it as his “starter marriage.” I, being a vet of the divorce wars, was not even insulted. And yet, here we are.  Most days, I thank my lucky stars for this guy. Somehow, to our surprise, we work.

What is not currently working for me is the day job. My assignments this term require double effort for half  the dollars. It started with my summer class and has continued to worsen through the fall. I know this economic/career scaleback is true for so many people (including Al) right now. But in my case, there’s no real reason it had to happen. It’s not due to economics, rather a simple scheduling change.

Is this the Cardinal Cross forcing me to face tough facts? Is the day job worth it? Or should I just follow my heart and write?

This is one area where Al and I disagree. He wants me to keep teaching for a few more years and I’m ready to give it up yesterday. I always want to please him (maybe why the marriage has lasted??) and so I continue to put major effort into hauling in minor cash.

Meanwhile, my health took a hit. (Nothing life-threatening.) Now I see the starlight. Health first. From now on. And this means less time in the chair and more time moving. Something’s gotta give. Although I enjoy the lit classes I’m teaching this term, preparing for them swallows almost all my free time. And really, I’d rather be writing. That’s always been true, but I feel it more now at the equinox, when the Aries moon shines a light on the fallout of my own particular Cardinal Cross.


  1. I know. He was 30 when we married and was quite cynical about the chances of it lasting. We both were. We saw one or two marriage therapists in the beginning. I think that really helped save us.


  2. We get a gentle nudge before we get a good swift kick to do what we need to do. Glad you are paying attention to your health and reconsidering your career. Sometimes thinking about a change in the future can have a positive impact in the present.


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