8 Update

Just read my first blog post ever, from September 10, 2002. Usually I try to do something around my anniversary month here, and I do have big plans for this site, but they won’t be completed by 9/10/10. More like September 2012.

Unless the world ends, on my ten year anniversary I plan to have all my books published (in whatever form happens, including if I just throw up PDFs myself!!) and every blog post relating to the writing of each novel gathered into a category. Along with the cover and link to the book…that will be the organizing principle of the site. Book by book. Hmmm. Maybe that can be the new name of the website.

Because I also think in 2012 I will be done with A Writer’s Diary. 10 years is a good long run and it will be time then to change and do something new. Not saying I won’t still blog. Just saying it’s going to be different.


  1. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I think that quote fits here. It’s fun to think about what’s possible.

    I know you’ve been working on the look of this space. Just my two cents: I like this design a lot.


  2. Cindy, I so admire your dedication to the craft. If I had half of your energy and drive, I’d be thrilled. You will meet your goals! And I love the new look of the Web site.


  3. Thank you for the support with this new idea–it has been growing and growing for a year or so now and I really want to do it. So I’m glad other people think it is not horrible;-)


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