Got my blogroll back! Am I missing anyone? Let me know. Still working on things here. But at least I have ideas, finally. Been inspired by so many people: John and Lynn, who empathize with the well running dry. Sharon fearlessly posting poetry. mccabe who always makes me smile. Karen, who rocked the socks off self-publishing. Martha, who went farther faster than I ever dreamed. Janice, the voice of calm in the storm. Cindy, who became an actor as a second act. Aisha and Lucy talking about motherhood in those stages that are only memories for me now.

With one son in Seattle the other in Texas, and a dad who spends half the year in Florida, my family is scattered. Home just hasn’t felt the same since they’ve been gone. And then my home here on the web, at least as I knew it, also went bye-bye this summer. Surprise.

Nothing ever stays the same. Not home, not family, not work, and certainly not the web.

This week, home felt right again when Mike and Jessica came for a visit and my parents joined us for a barbecue. We had an early birthday celebration for Mike and my dad, and it was almost like old times, although I missed having Tim here. Still, something I hadn’t been able to name, something I’d hardly known was broken, was healed by a simple family celebration.

And incidentally Mike helped me take back control of the blog while he was here. It’s far from finished. But at least I’m starting to figure out what I’m going to do with this space. And my mom was an unexpected inspiration.

Mom’s thinking of going online. She always hated how bulky computers were, but we talked about the iPad and she loved the idea. Our family, because we are so scattered geographically, connects on Facebook now more than in real life. We post pictures of our travels and update our daily doings. Mom can’t stand the fact that Aunt Louise knows more about Mike and Tim than she does. She finally wants in on it.

After I talked up the benefits of being online, I remembered that sometimes I vent about my mom here…and it was the one reason I was glad she was NOT on the internet. This was my safe place to say some things that probably I should have kept in my private diary.

So that got me thinking about my archives. My categories are out of control, so I took them private and it feels so good to have that clutter off the public page. My original intention was to clean up and pare down the categories, but now I’m thinking I’ll go further and edit my achives (1861 posts!) down to those I feel are most helpful to writers.

There’s more to the story. Way more. This site will be 8 years old next month, and I have a super surprise I hope to have ready that will make this space feel more like home than ever. And it’s been a long time coming.

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  1. You bring up some great points about family privacy here, Cindy, and I can relate. I often write about my mom’s dementia, and sometimes worry that even her friends from church might read it and report back to her. But I do feel that, as a voice for midlife, it’s important to talk about the issues that are close to heart — and difficult. I love the new look here, and thanks so much for including my site on your blog roll, Cindy!


  2. Cindy, I know your pieces on your mom bring comfort to others who are going thorugh the same heartbreak, making them feel less alone, because that’s how they affected me. For years I avoided writing about the real people in my life by focusing only on fiction. Then with this blog I kept my topic to writing for a long time, and then I didn’t…which, for me, for this site, I think was a mistake.


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