I have really felt the need to change some things here at A Writer’s Diary. I’ve been bored by writing about writing for awhile now, probably about the time I realized I’ve blogged myself through several books.

I’m not sure what to do about this, but I recognize boredom or indifference or acedia or whatever you want to call it is a writerly kind of feeling. Indeed, according to Kathleen Norris in Acedia and Me, this syndrome strikes anyone “whose work requires great concentration and discipline yet is considered by many to be of little practical value.”

Norris found her “vocation as a writer” and ten minutes or so later began the “struggle to maintain the boring work habits necessary to nourish it.” The silver lining here is that “just when the work seems most hopeless, and I am hard pressed to care if I ever write another word or not, the most valuable breakthroughs are most likely to come.”

So here’s hoping for a breakthough soon with this blog.


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