Finished First Draft!

This is hard to believe, even for  me, because I had that revision interruption, but my first draft of the current WIP is finished! I may add one more chapter at the end, but I’m not sure…it would be like an epilogue, and I don’t know if I want to do it, or if the book really needs it, so I’m going to wait, let the pages cool off, and then decide when I read through them again.

If I didn’t have to go back to school next week, I’d start revising right away. As it is, I’ll be busy getting my classes up and running for at least a week, more like two. And Mike’s coming to town next week as well, and we plan to work on the website, so that’s another project that will keep me busy.

Then it will be Tim’s birthday. He’s my baby, and he’s turning 30! Plus he lives in Texas. So I’m going to visit. After that, somewhere like mid-September, I’ll start revising. Until then, it’s back to morning pages for awhile.

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  1. It sounds like perfect timing for all the activities you have planned in the next month. In talking to my mother and other mothers this past week-end, I think turning 30 is a bigger step for the mother than the child.


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