Advice from Agents

My agent search is unofficially over for now. I’m going with the advice of the agent who suggested I deal directly with Harlequin. Got more good advice from a couple other agents, too.

Usually if an agent rejects my ms, no matter how nice they are about it, no matter how many compliments they preface the “no” with, I send a polite thank you and head off to a dark corner to lick my wounds.

This time was different. This time I went out on a limb and asked questions. Soon emails were flying back and forth. Because I was a little gutsier than I normally am when dealing with agents, I got a handle on what to fix before I send those chapters to Harlequin.

Right now I am feeling so grateful for the generosity and kindness those agents showed me. And even though I didn’t land an agent (yet) I really feel like the stars are lining up for me.

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  1. I just thought (totally unlike me) “What the hell?” I figured if they didn’t want to respond, they could just ignore my email. I would be no worse off.


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