August Stars & Letter From Canada

And it was a very good letter asking to see three chapters and a synopsis. Snail mail, not email. There was a line about replies taking 3 or 5 months. Which is okay, because that’s about a semester, which is due to begin soon.

And my horoscope this month says to really be calm and professional and not to rush but give myself time to shine and nail this opportunity. Which is the exact opposite of what I usually do which is send requested material off in a mad rush.

It says a lot of other stuff that relates to this golden opportunity. This is apparently my month to go for it, career-wise and show the higher ups just what I can do. Did you get  your horoscope from Susan this month?

You can find the writing advice if you just look for it. Sometimes it’s right out there, sometimes it’s between the lines. But every month, for me, there’s something there. Maybe I’ll do a little “writer’s advice for all 12 signs” next. Well, the 11 I have neglected here at least.


  1. Great news about the letter and well thought ways to go about responding.

    Thanks for the link. I read my horoscope, again because all of this is new to me, and wonder about all I have been missing because I didn’t tap into astrology earlier. Maybe I feel that way because a three-year bout of turmoil looks like it is about to end, which is good news now but would have been worrisome if I had learned about it three years ago. Either way it’s interesting and I’m getting into it now.


  2. I only recently got as deeply into astrology as I have as well, Sharon. The one thing I notice is that if I know that on a certain day tension will be high, and I also have say, a lunch date, or we’re going to a party that night, I can prepare for what might be a tense social occassion by not allowing myself to be unconsciously drawn into an argument. My awareness keeps me safe, or at least I’m not so surprised when someone says something totally bitchy, lol.

    But in the bigger picture, of going through internal tough times, yeah, I often think too maybe it is better not to know. I’m glad you’re coming into some more upbeat happy times. I’m also due for a long period of positive life experiences and I am so looking forward to it!


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