Astrology for Writers

I’ve always wanted to know: does my birth chart reflect my writing? Can my horoscope accurately predict how much success I will have in this career? Are there actions I can take to help me get published?

I’m an Aries, and we are creative, so I’ve always been hopeful that I’m on the right path. Still, I craved more information. In all the writing I’ve been doing on my birth chart, I found hopeful signs that writing is indeed a major part of my life’s purpose, but nowhere was I able to read the stars as clearly as in my nodes.

(I used Joanna Martine Woolfolk‘s The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need for all my information on the nodes. The fabulous text also comes with a software program for casting birth charts. You need your birth chart to figure out what houses your nodes fall into.)

Birth charts give the north node–the glyph reminds me of a set of headphones. Your south node is the opposite house. The nodes affect our lives in two ways, positive qualities to develop and negative qualities to let go. Legend has it that we are born “head first” into the world with our north node qualities as potentials. Our south node qualities are what we trail behind us, and so we must work to leave them behind in this life.

My north node falls into my third house. Qualities of the third house are cheerfulness (in my writing this quality helps me stay upbeat when the rejections pour in), curiosity (I want to know what happens next in my plot), imagination (I concoct scenarios), commuication (I want to write things down and share them), intelligence (I have the necessary brainpower to do so), quick wit (I add a hint of the comic to my stories, I’m good at the unexpected twist), good people skills (I empathize with my characters), and verbal agility (I write believable dialogue).

I was astonished at how easily all my positive node qualities translated to writing. Of course it could all be wishful thinking on my part, because my south node in my 9th house indicates I have a tendency to be arrogant, conceited, insincere, and morally superior. Also, I can’t admit weakness.

Aries are not just creative, but we also tend to be self-involved. (!) This has worked out okay for me, because I tend to do a lot of work on myself. Years of therapy, hundreds of self-help books, every type of self-improvement course you can imagine: I’ve done it. So, I recognize those negative south node qualities as things I’ve confronted in myself in the past, and most of the time believe I have gotten over and through.

Again, that could just be a conceit. However, I firmly believe that a positive attitude toward life and self is more helpful than a negative one, so I choose to believe I’ve got what it takes to be a novelist. The stars say so!


  1. Cindy, first, I love the new look of your blog. I’ve not had much time to visit and comment on blogs this summer (my bad), so I am behind in sending my cheers. This looks so nice — clean and beautiful. As for horoscopes … I love reading about them too. I’m a Leo, a fire sign, and very emotional. I see a lot of that in my work, but there’s so much I need to work on, as far as my writing career goes. Have been taking time off from it this summer, and feel stirrings of a wish to return to it this fall when things quiet down on the film front….Have been blogging about once a week, when I can, but not as often. Will be posting a Writing Home excerpt next week…
    Happy summer, Cindy!


  2. Cindy, the connections you make between your writing and your chart are fascinating. I am just starting to know my chart, and I’ve only thought about it in terms of how I am as a person, not in terms of my work. The person who did the reading mentioned “technical writing” but I’ve never thought of myself as a technical writer. I need to learn more.

    I’ve also been thinking about the changes in your writing process that you shared before. Over the years I have been able to relax more with my sewing and see it as a creative outlet rather than “I must follow the pattern.” It’s more fun now than it ever has been.


  3. Milky Maid, great website you have there. Gotta warn you Or maybe me, since your readers may feel I’m full of shit. Caveat: I am just learning. I rely on books for primary info they synthesize intuitively from there. And I’m going to be more of it, so who knows the myriad blunders I may splash upon these pages ;-}


  4. As a professional astrologer, I have often battled between using the signs of the nodes and the houses of the nodes. For instance, one can have the north node in Virgo in the 12th house. Are you moving toward the Virgo lessons or the Pisces ones? I enjoyed your post and will continue to read your observations. When you consider the 9th house rules publishing, there is much to be said for any emphasis there. Good luck!


  5. Lynda, I’m still just figuring this astrology thing out…I see now it can be a life long journey. I did not know the 9th house rules publishing! Also I checked out your website and loved it! So much info those like me who are interested if not educated.


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