A little more than halfway there with word count on the WIP. Although word count doesn’t really matter on first drafts, getting the heart and soul of the story down is what matters. And I’m doing that.


Figured out how to correct the problem my critique partners had with my other story. It’s a pretty easy fix, too. But I can’t work on two books at once, and right now, I’m so focused on getting this new story down. But I wrote myself notes on the other book, and if anybody asks to see a complete ms. I am confident I can get the fix done quickly.


I am not ignoring the look of the blog. My son does the admin, and when he took us offline and rebooted, he didn’t give me any admin access. About all I can do for now is post. It was a bad time for the blog to blow a fuse as Mike just moved to Seattle, is still traveling to California to finish a work project every M-F, and is also training for a triathalon next Sunday. The event is in Hawaii, his wife is also entering, and they’ll be in Hawaii not just for the triathalon but also their one year wedding anniversary.

So I told him not to even think or worry about my blog until after all that.


  1. I was just catching up on the last couple days when this post popped up. Lots going on. You’re right, the look of the blog will wait. It’s good that you can still update.


  2. We talked yesterday on the phone and he was telling me how easy it is to change a picture and he offered to do it but I want him to have time to relax more than I want my blog fixed.


  3. OK. Thanks John. I do want to clean up and condense my categories, reassemble a blogroll, and work on getting my “books” page back up, but I don’t need to do any of it immediately. And another reader said many people read blogs on Google reader and don’t see the site anyway. So that’s a relief, too.


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