Dreaming Awake

Re: my post yesterday: I’m not sure you have to believe in “something more” in order to let go of negative thoughts, or to know that you are not your thoughts. That we are all bigger than our thoughts.

Also, I recognize the circular logic of “I am not my thoughts.” Because “I am not my thoughts” is a thought itself. Also, where would we be without thought? Thought gets things done. Thought organizes and strategizes.

I use thought when I need it, like when I’m plotting or revising a novel or a lecture. But I don’t really “think” when I’m writing. It’s more like dreaming awake. And at that time, when I’m in creating mode, thoughts can actually work against me. Those negative thoughts are the ones that need to be dropped like yesterday’s boyfriend.

But the dreaming awake thoughts, those that come out of somewhere/nowhere and give me my pages for the day, those are the keepers.


  1. Dreaming awake. I like that. I have had the experience that when I go back to read something I wrote I think, “Where did that come from? Who wrote that?” Maybe I was dreaming awake.


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