Feeling so disorganized. The blog’s a mess. So is my house. And, this morning, the character list for my WIP went missing. Well, actually, it’s been lost awhile, and I’ve been using X for the names I forgot.

That won’t work today as X1 and X2 have a scene almost to themselves. So, in the name of getting at least my writing self organized, I set about a methodical search for that list. Nowhere to be found. Not in the WIP drawer, not in a notebook, not stuck in a file.

I could choose new names but that would just make revision more diffficult, so I’ll read the 90 pages I have written, make a new character list, and type it immediately into the computer this time. Then I’ll write the scene. Then I’ll clean the house. At least my priorities are in order.


  1. Sounds like there is a lot on your plate. Cleaning house might be just the distraction you need while your mind works some things out. I have some of my best “aha” moments while vacuuming.


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