1000 words a day

Nine pages this morning. Not that I’m counting. Every time I make a plan, something happens to disrupt it, so I’m just going with the flow. I know my story, and so far I know what happens next, so I’m just writing until I come to the end of ideas for the day.

My plan is still to have this draft done by mid-August. I’m at 15,000 words and I need 55,000. That breaks down to 40,000 more words in six weeks, or about a thousand words a day. Hmmm. Guess I am counting.

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  1. 1000 words is a little more than three pages, so very conservative. ‘Course I won’t be writing every single day. Been known to take a day off here and there;-) which means the next day I need to write 2000 words…


  2. I’ve stitched more than written this year, and stitching seems to keep going. Oh well. At least there are one promise less to keep, as each project goes out of this household.


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