World Building

A few weeks ago, our local RWA chapter had a session on world building with Joss Ware. It was great. You would not believe the top notch industry professionals we get every month at our meetings. Our board is amazing.

Anyway. Joss mentioned the Virgin River books by Robyn Carr as an example of how to build a world when you’re not doing paranormal or historical. Kindle has the first four books bundled for $10. For all four! I bought them and then everything happened with Al’s mom.

Part of my coping strategy, part of my mourning process, has been to read these first four Virgin River novels. I’ve been writing too, but that’s another post.

What has helped me the most in the past weeks was being transported to another world, the world of northern California and redwood dotted mountaintops. I laughed hard, cried buckets, bonded with the characters. I got, deep down, for the first time maybe, why setting is so important. I would actually like to move there and be friends with those people.

Alas, they are not real. On the plus side, there are several more books in the series.

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