Eclipses & Endings

Best laid plans are no match for the universe. Seems like minutes after I wrote my last post, vowing to write several pages a day and get this WIP finished in two months, everything changed in ways I couldn’t anticipate or expect and as a result I have added exactly zero pages to my WIP since that vow. 

A death in the family has a way of stopping normal life in its smug little tracks.

I’ll be back, blogging and writing and making more goals that go awry, well, unless the universe has more surprises planned. We are due for a big lunar eclipse on June 26 and as “with all eclipses, something ends and something else begins.” That’s Susan Miller, my favorite astrologist.

Susan also predicts that in this eclipse period “you may feel like you are walking across a bridge to a new place of the mind and heart, but with no ability to turn back to where you started. Said another way, the door of part of your old life will slam shut and lock tightly behind you as you walk over the threshold.”

For my husband, who lost his beloved mother, this is certainly true.


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