Changing Course

It’s not even 10 am. and already so much has happened. Wrote several pages of the memoir diary. Read through my current romance WIP and typed up 7 more pages. My goal is to get that entire notebook transcribed by the time school ends in a couple of weeks. And oh, yeah, got rejected by another agent.

That makes three out of the six agents I queried have said no. I had a short list of agents anyway, but looking at my notes, I decided not to query the final three on the list for various reasons. And so I’ve come to the end of my very short agent list.

It’s time, I know, to change course. As the nicest rejection letter recommended, I’m going to submit directly to Harlequin. And that means a snail mail query to their Toronto office. Which is fine, because then maybe if they want to see the full, I will have my critique from the contest win. Which would help me revise again so that it will be impossible to reject!

So today’s all about buying envelopes, visiting the post office, and sending my query off to Toronto.

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  1. Just wanted to cheer you on! I’m a writer of academic nonfiction but an inveterate reader of Harlequins for the past 35 years, almost, and I’ve always wanted to chase that dream of writing one — so I admire you for doing it.

    I follow your blog regularly, btw.



  2. And I thought I was the only academic type with a not-so-secret Harlequin addiction! Glad to know you’re reading, HD. I will keep you posted;-)


  3. It’s funny I bought so many envelopes and presentation folders and paper yesterday… but it wasn’t for anything so interesting as manuscript submissions. Best of luck!


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