The Memoir Diaries

Working on my therapy memoir. I think it’s helping even though most of it will not be fit to post here. Too dark and would hurt too many people. As Anne Lamott says, that’s what fiction is for. She’s right and it goes along with what Linda Joy Myers says as well.

One of the first questions Myers puts to her readers is “Why are you writing this?” Revenge is not a good reason IMO. Setting the record straight also doesn’t do anybody any good. Do I really want to leave my kids or grandkids or whoever might find these journals the kind of baggage they contain? No. Better to write it for myself then burn it.

I purged most of my private journals a few years ago, and it felt really good. I don’t like dwelling on the past. I do, however, want to clean it up and take a good close look at these new pieces recently revealed to me, just to see how they fit into the overall puzzle that’s been my life.

So, while I continue with the memoir project, I am also, slowly, letting go of the past. I’m looking forward to a future of writing about a few things I know very well: the longing for a loving marriage and a stable family life. Except in my books, the heroine will get her happy ending a lot sooner than I did with a lot less damage in her backstory. 

I am absolutely looking forward to rewriting history as I know it, which is why I’m also busy at work on my next American Romance. Not that Harlequin has let me in the door yet. But I’m going to write these stories anyway, because I need to and want to and I’m so happy to know this now. I know what I want to write. And I wouldn’t have known had I not started the memoir project.

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  1. Hey Cindy. I haven’t had much (any) time to post lately but I’ve been reading. I am so happy for you that you’ve found direction with your categories and a deeper happiness/understanding with your writing. 🙂


  2. I’ve reconsidered that, John. These blogs are so off the cuff, no revision, just whatever off the top of my head. And of course you are right. Setting the record straight IS incredibly helpful. I myself set the record straight with my mom on the phone. Long conversation, that. And now I’ve been writing about it, trying to get the things she said straight in my head. That’s helping too. I just don’t think it helps to publish it. Well, unless someone offfers you scads of money and all involved read and sign off on the project.


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