imperfect beautiful book


Was pretty simple to upload Paradise Fields into a thumb drive and take it over to Fed Ex. The guy there was so out of his depth with poetry chapbooks. He made me a sample copy and it was, you know, not normal. (Sort of like me.) I could have taken it home and worked on it and fixed all the little things that made it not perfect, but I just got a crazy rush of feeling and said “This is great, thank you. How much for 25 copies?”

And so it was done. For under a hundred bucks. Imperfections, irregularities, and all. This is such a personal little book for me. And I’m so pleased that I went ahead and did it. And I got to use the picture of the moon Tim took last year in Dallas for the back cover, which was especially sweet because Mike’s pic of the African moon is on the front cover.


  1. Thanks Sharon. I guess the time was ripe. My kids take great pictures. And all of us are kind of fascinated with the moon. Many of the poems in the book have some sort of moon symbolism.


  2. Cindy — you are an inspiration. I am so happy to see that gifted writers are not afraid to self-publish and put their work out there, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. I can’t wait to see your book, and it already sounds and looks beautiful! Three cheers to you!


  3. I’m a little suprised by my willingness to do this, but it makes me happy. And poetry especially has a long tradition of self-publishing, which makes me feel in good company.


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