New Editor In Town

And she LOVES my work.

Okay, here’s the real story: that editor is me. I accepted the spot with GDRWA on a whim that I still to this moment do not understand. I hope it turns out to be a good thing. For now, being an editor means, instead of doing laundry, I edit. Instead of grocery shopping, I edit. Instead of washing the kitchen floor, I edit.

Also, instead of posting an interview with the brilliant Michelle Celmer here on my own website, I put it in the May newsletter. And instead of grading exams, I got out of the house and over to Martha’s. Martha is helping me enter the 21st century with the newsletter format and design. She took all my text and aligned it with the pictures and things. 

And the final thing, the thing that makes me a little bit nervous is that instead of working on my novels this weekend, I worked on my column. Yes, as the new editor of GDRWA’s newsletter, I made the editorial decision to think up a column for myself. It’s called “Focus On” and every month I’ll pick some aspect of craft to focus on and then find a member/author who knows more about it than I do and grill interview her.  My first column was about writing category romance, hence the interview with Michelle, our local queen of category.

For the article accompaning my interview with Michelle, I boiled down all the entries I’ve posted here since I first started seriously investigating category romance. My editor says it turned out quite well.


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