Right Desk, Right Time

Loved Holly Jacobs’ article in this month’s RWR. She has inspired me to change my ways from the “one perfect agent” approach. Which means, get my work in front of more agents and editors. As she points out, it may take awhile for a project to land on the right desk at the right time.

Don’t give up, don’t start thinking that because you keep getting rejected that you’re a bad writer, just think that you haven’t gotten the right project in front of the right editor or agent yet. And keep trying.

Finding the right agent or editor is not going to happen without persistence, patience, and just doing the foot work. Writing the queries. Sending them. Not getting upset when rejections come in or when it’s been weeks or months and you haven’t heard. Holly’s practice when she was trying to get published was to always be writing the next book, so that when the “no” came in, she’d have something else to send.

So I’ve been doing things half right. I wrote a new scene for the baby WIP this morning.

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  1. So, the number I hear is five agents at a time. Pick your top five, submit. Wait about a month, submit to #6-10. Wait… repeat until someone loves your work as much as you do… Does it work? Have no clue. But it sounds like a good strategy to keep moving.

    I’m really glad that you are taking this step. I don’t think it will take long before you are putting up a post about which awesome agent picked you up.



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