Welcome News!

Last night I got a call from the President of DWW. She had good news. Both pieces I’d sent into this years’ Spring Readings competition won prizes. We’re talking cash money;-) and I believe there’s also a free lunch involved.

The poetry judge was Jill Elliott, managing editor of Poetry Northwest between 2006 and 2009. The poem I entered, Africa, was inspired by my son’s marriage and especially his honeymoon photos in South Africa. Because I wrote it for my son, I was particularly thrilled to have Africa chosen. You can read Africa in Paradise Fields. (It’s on page six…)

Judge Jane Briggs Bunting, Director of the Journalism School at Michigan State University, awarded my short memoir Snow Day in the creative non-fiction category. Funny little coincidence, the son I wrote the poem for attended MSU.

The nice thing about DWW is that it holds this competition yearly for its members, and its fine to submit previously published material. It’s just one of the wonderful things this heritage organization, now in its 110th year, does for its members.


  1. You know, both of those pieces are about my boys. I hadn’t even realized it til you mentioned, Sharon. They are truly my best inspiration. So I’m glad my new work is about a single mom with two little boys;-)


  2. Shirley I wish I was going to National so I could take a picture of you at the book signing. I just remember all those years ago when we were both hoping to be published and now here you are with so many books. You are awesome!


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