The Art of Losing

Congrats to the finalists in this year’s Golden Heart and Between the Sheets competitions! And rest easy, you don’t have to compete against me;-)

Losing contests used to put me in a funk for days or weeks, but my double whammy this weekend hardly fazed. Found  out on Thursday that I didn’t final in  the Golden Heart and then Friday got an email saying my love scene didn’t make it to the top, either. Sigh.

But I just checked my scores for the love scene and out of 60 possible, one judge gave me 58. Another gave me 54. The contest coordinator said I “almost made it.” The judges (published authors) also wrote nice comments with helpful suggestions. I will definately go back and use their insights to make the love scene better.

Speaking of…that’s something I noticed in my WIP #3. Glaring lack of any real love scenes. I mean, people in the book, they have sex, but I made those scenes like, a paragraph. Now that I know a little more what I’m doing, I’m going to fill out those parts of the book. It’s about the emotional connection, not which body part goes where. Which is what I never understood before really studying love scenes.

So I’d say the love scene contest was for sure worth entering. GH too but they don’t give you comments. I think they mail you scores and I haven’t got those yet. And I’m still awaiting results from one more competition, so you never know…I may have some good news to share yet. And meanwhile, I’m happy for the winners. They must feel so good!

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