Finding an Agent. Again.

Couldn’t sleep last night, so I got up and wrote the query I’ve been putting off all week. I had it mostly written in my head anyway. There is nothing more annoying than editing in your head while your husband snores next to you.

Coincidentally, I’ve found myself in several “how to” query classes these last few weeks. My local RWA chapter had a bootcamp that included a segment on the query, then Tuesday we had an Ohio author give us a talk on writing the perfect query. And Candy Havens is doing her an online gig this month on queries.  All this must have worked on me subliminally because I got the damn thing  letter written sans angst. 

 Also in my head, a list of dream agents to whom I will send this query letter. I am waiting for a week or so to do any mailing. I entered a couple of contests and finalists will be notified next week. That’s always a great thing to be able to add to the bio portion of a query. Not that I would know, um, from experience. Always a first time, I say!

With the last few precious days of my spring break, I’m going to read through my third romance novel, the one that my agent almost sold but then she didn’t so then she told me to add some things and then she kept it for a really long time but said it never got past the query stage. Who she queried, I never discovered.

 I wonder how that book’s held up. Will I hate it? Will I love it? Will I revise it and find an agent who will sell all three of these romance novels I’ve been endlessly revising and maybe even perchance the paranormal?

And so continues the adventure of finding an agent. Again.

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  1. Good luck with the agent search, Cindy! Isn’t it amazing … it’s hard enough to write and edit a book, then ya gotta go through the equally tough process of getting an agent to represent you, then wait for the nerve-racking process of trying to sell it to a publisher … and….
    I just wish all this weren’t so hard. To think that Thoreau just wrote his thoughts in a paper notebook, morphed into a book called Walden, which has endured for more than a century. Who was his agent? 🙂


  2. Thanks ladies, I am hoping “the time is now” and in fact, I know it is. I will get these books up on the internet for free if I can’t find an agent who believes in them!


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