No Lulu

One of the things on my “to do” list this spring break was to publish my book of poetry on Lulu. Just to have one actual printed copy. Someone said it takes ten minutes. I beg to differ. I went to Lulu at 9:05 am. It is not 9:21 am. and I have no book. It was a little more complicated OR a little more pricey than I’d expected.

If you want a professional looking book of poetry, it shouldn’t be regular paper size. Anything other than that needs a template, which you can download for free from Lulu. I did that. However, I didn’t knowwhat to do with it when I had it and I really hate learning new things on the computer so I decided not to do it. Really, I’d rather clean out my closet and get my spring wardrobe ready.

Or start a new book. Or write a query.

So then I tried out the “let Lulu do the work” option. It’s $200. No thanks. Maybe another time. Maybe when I’m retired. For now, I’ll live with Scribd.

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