Being an Aries, I am not a patient person. I like things done yesterday. For example, the WIP. But life has a way of slowing the impatient down, even when we really want to speed up. I can only hope the universe knows what it’s doing. After all, I am not getting any younger…

Two things slowed my work on the WIP down the last few months: work and my back. I’m dealing with it, but wow have I had to practice patience, sometimes on a minute by minute basis. I am enjoying my classes, and fitting daily exercise into my schedule is long overdue, but it would be nice if the day would just cooperate and have more hours in it.

And yet. I’m getting it done. Little by little, I’m whittling away at the WIP. 1,420 words today! Finally, I am at the part in the ms. where I’m adding those scenes I wrote last weekend. So the words will be piling up more quickly after this.

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  1. WooHoo! I’m the same way. I want to just sit down and tackle it, get going on the revisions, but if I don’t work out all the nuances to the characters… they’ll fall flat again.

    Good luck! Hope those students are treating you right!

    =) Martha


  2. If I had students I think I would like to forget about them on weekends too…. lol.

    Patience is a funny thing. You sort of have to practice it. But sometimes I think impatience is my mind’s way of telling me that I’m too engrossed in something to stop now. So even though it’s 1am and I think I should be sleeping, I’m up painting or whatever.


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