Ready to Roll

Read through my WIP this morning again and figured a few things out. And it’s only 9:30! Of course I woke up at 3 a.m. and what else are you gonna do at that time??

As I suspected, I’m not going to be adding 7000 words by filling in little scene details. Yesterday, out of 10 pages, I got 100 new words. Still, this ms. did need one more pass. It reads smoother now. And I found a couple of holes where I can write real scenes, good scenes, that just might get me my 6000 or so words still needed.

Let’s see, 250 words a page divided by 6000. 24 pages or so. One of the holes could be a chapter. The other one is only going to be a 4-5 page scene. Okay. Can do. And the best part? I am going to write those babies in longhand first. Got a new notebook just ready to roll.

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