Opportunity Knocks

According to my horoscope, this Saturday will be my luckiest day of the year. I can’t imagine how. I have a ton of schoolwork–tests and papers to grade, lectures to organize. Al will be away visiting his folks. So I’ll be home alone, buried in work.

How is this lucky?

In a perfectly ordinary way, I can see that I live a lucky life. I love my husband, like my job, and am passionate about my particular creative outlet. Saturday, I’ll find time to write. That’s lucky right there.

I believe we make our own luck. We find the time to write or we don’t. We tell our stories or stay silent. When opportunity knocks, we let it in the door.

In the last few months, I’ve had some interesting opportunities with my writing life. Contests come to me through writer’s groups I’ve joined, and each time, I have the perfect entry. This latest competition is a members-only thing for DWW. I have a couple of things already written I’d love to submit. There isn’t even an entry fee. Why wouldn’t I send my work out there?

Maybe entering these contests is a way to help myself get lucky. Then again, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, just to cover all the bases.


  1. I agree that we make our own luck. Opportunity can knock until the cows come home but nothing will happen until we open the door. Yes, the writing opportunites were available but you had to take action to take advantage of them.

    Hmmmm. People are sharing good advice with me this week.

    On your luckiest day? Buy a lottery ticket because you never know….


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