Writing in the Now

300 words today. But they were good words, necessary words. My critique group this weekend helped me see where I need to expand on scenes already written. They couldn’t get a picture of my hero. I had so much dialogue but very little description of how my heroine sees him. Which is crucial, because how she sees him shows why she’s attracted to him.

So after realizing they were right, and that I’d have to go back to a scene I’d already checked off my list was a bit discouraging given my self-imposed deadline of March 16. But today I finally did it, with a little help from Eckhart Tolle.

Tolle says that the main thing in life is to live fully in the moment, every moment, so that spirit can express itself through you. He calls it “consciousness” but same thing. What is it that is holy and sacred inside of me that wants to be born anew every minute of the day? That’s the purpose of this life, to be a conduit for whatever it is inside that wants to express itself. Secondary to the soul’s purpose are personal goals.

I realized this morning (after a rude student sort of ruined my day yesterday, which is what made me reach for Tolle in the first place) that my soul, my consciousness, my spirit, wants to write. It doesn’t have a deadline. It wants to write the best possible story it can, right now. And so, I did it. I sat at my desk with notes in hand and made those changes, adding a mere 300 words. But the soul, right now, is satisfied.

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