He’s My Valentine

Yesterday, Al vacuumed so I could get my love scene ready for the contest before the movie and dinner date we had planned. Because he does such an admirably thorough job of vacuuming, I couldn’t concentrate on my revision. Stuck buds in my ears and put on some love scene music (Lady Gaga and Kings of Leon).

Usually I can’t write with music, but this was about my last revision, a polish really, and I had the pages in front of me with the little corrections all penciled in, so I chanced it. Al finished vacuuming, I finished revising, or so I thought, and we took off for our one-day-early celebration. (Today is the Daytona 500, so he’ll be with his race buddies at a sports bar.)

This morning, I decided to give my pages one last read before sending them off to the contest. So glad I did. Missing puncuation marks. Words out of order. Thoughtless repetition. Wordiness. How did I think it was really ready????

It had to be the music. I really love music, just can’t listen to it when I write. Anyway, first thing this morning, fixed everything and got my entry submitted. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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