Soul Centered Writing

While taking a mini-break from the WIP, I kept writing daily, filling (so far) two 70 page notebooks. Personal journaling was the first kind of expressive writing I tried, and exploring my place in the world has always been a huge part of why I love to write. Writing doesn’t just allow me to vent, it also teaches me stuff.

I’m in this earth school to learn, and the best way I know how to do this is by writing out the lessons. In poetry, in stories, and sometimes, in concentrated programs designed to heal the body, clear the mind and soothe the soul.

In late December, my back started bothering me. In late January, as it got progressively worse, I finally went to the doctor. The news was not good, looks like its permanent damage to a disk, but my writing program (along with my doctor’s advice) helped me zero in on what I need to change to lift the physical pain. What and also HOW. Amazingly, I’m clearing away ingrained habits to make way for better alternatives.

Change is so difficult for me. Particularly when I’m in physical pain, I tend to want to curl up and go into a sugar coma while watching back to back episodes of The Good Wife. But with this new writing commitment, making physical changes in the way I cope with pain is just one part of my evolution. I’m also getting emotional and spiritual support and guidance.

Every time I decide to do some deep personal work, I’m amazed at how much junk my ego throws in my way every single day that I just usually don’t even recognize. This time is no exception, and none of it would be happening without the writing, which is not meant to ever be seen by anyone but me.

What a reversal in attitude from my usual “need to get this novel published” mentality. 

Sure, publication would be nice. It would  be great to win a contest, snag an agent, find an editor who loves my work. But even without all those worldly rewards, I am just so happy to be writing. It heals my life, inside and out, every single day.


  1. The physical and emotional go hand in hand for me, too. For years I was oblivious to the need to make changes until my body started hurting. Now I pay more attention on a regular basis, helped by monthly massage, and tend to catch things before they take a turn for the worst.

    I only learned from my writing in retrospect before I started blogging. For some reason blogging has changed that dynamic and I am amazed by the things I have learned about myself, often in time to do something about it. That’s good food for thought.


  2. And look at what writing did for the three of us, we met through our writing and got to know each others’ work on a site we all wrote for. None of us are there anymore, but writing is a gift that continues to give endlessly.


  3. Hi, I am also a writer and writing from Italy, I just found your blog today and felt immediate sympathy, both as a fellow writer and as somebody who went through big changes a few years ago to due to a back pain problem 🙂 so my big big solidarity and one thing, which has proved to me most important than everything else: when you celebrate your joy of writing as independent from the reward of publication, I feel you hit the real spot. The joy and discovery that will stay with us throughout our lives is in the writing itsel. Plus, as soon as I have come to appreciate this, I have succeeded in selling my first book. What if the two things are connected? I send you a big hug 🙂


  4. What a beautiful and insightful piece. I connect with many things you say, and appreciate the truth therein. It makes me want to write more too. I need to! Thank you for some great insights. Nancy


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