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Stephanie Laurens has a good idea for writing love scenes–write the emotion first and overwrite the physical description. For me, I had to swap it around because I had the physical. But I only had the emotion within internal monologue. I am still not sure exactly how you get emotions without thought into a story, but I gave it shot.

Why don’t I know? I confess to skimming or skipping most love (sex) scenes. They just don’t ring true to me, not usually. Word choice especially gets in the way, and not just in romance novels. Plus I think I’m super private about that part of a relationship. When the girlfriends start talking sex, I don’t say much. Notice I’m not saying much NOW. In fiction, like in life, I seem to prefer the closed door.

Which brings me to the real question…why did I think it was a good idea to write a romance? Not just a subplot with love but a really romantic love story? Guess I like a challenge. I think I did okay with the scene, which I finished this morning. It was FUN to write, which amazed me. I find I really ennjoyed lingering on the emotional component. That’s what’s been missing!

I’m still not contest-ready. I want to read some of those scenes I’ve been skimming in other writers’ novels and break them down like I did my own. I am especially curious to see if I got the emo without the mono.

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  1. I was just thinking the other day about how hard it would be to write a love scene, at least for me. I enjoy reading these scenes when they are well done, of course, but would definitely struggle to write them. Probably a result of my Puritanical upbringing! 🙂


  2. I couldn’t do it if it wasn’t really about the emotion and connection. And I’m still asking myself why I wanted this challenge in the first place. My inner Puritan says “finish what you start,” so that’s where I’m at today.


  3. I agree that the emotion and connection need to match up. This week I started reading “The Senator’s Wife” and early on there is a scene between a husband and wife that surprised me, that it was so early in the book before we really know the characters. When I finish the book, Cindy, we will have to compare notes because I think there’s more to come.


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