I’ve added a meditation challenge page at left, mostly for myself. I’m trying to meditate every day for a month and following Janice’s insightful posts. Thanks to Sharon for that link.  I will need the extra calm meditation brings when I start back to school next week. Also, it makes me post every day, if only on a side page. If you want to follow an interesting blog that posts daily, Lucy has committed to it for 500+ days!


  1. And I have to say that somehow putting each day I actually meditate in RED really helps. Not sure why. It’s like I don’t want to have a plain old black day so I just do it!


  2. I have been following everyone’s progress on that site (I love Janice Lundy’s blog!) but I struggle like mad to “be still” long enough to meditate. I might be inspired to change, though, if I keep following the posts. Very helpful. And I do think a meditation practice is beneficial to writers.


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