Finally Moving Forward

After a week of being stuck at the same place in the revision, after figuring out last night and this morning yet another plot change I needed to make, and then implementing it, I am finally at long last getting ahead again. I know I’ll need another revision after this, but I’m hoping to make it a quick (like maybe a week) polish. I think I’ve done most of the deep structure alignment. Whew. Was worth the work.

I really think one of the reasons I still don’t have a published novel is because I always gave up too soon on revisions before, like with just a couple of tweaks I would have had a book sale by now, especially with Sugar Shack. So despite my yearning for order, for a finished product, I’m determined not to do that this time.

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  1. William Zinsser (On Writing Well) tells us that editing and revision are “where the game is won or lost.” Spot on. No matter what I publish, I find it helps to put my pieces aside and let them “cool” for several days before I start editing. And then I rip into “em! Glad you’re feeling like you’re on track again, Cindy.


  2. I think so too, Cindy. Several of the people who have critiqued my novel-length manuscripts over the years have said things along the lines of “this needs another revision to really get it right” and although I knew they were right, it is not the same as editing a smaller piece, which I take delight in. Book length projects are such a huge job, as you know from your own books. Sometimes, when you have to go in for one more round, it can just seem overwhelming. I am deterrmined, this time, to NOT give up too soon.


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