Revision Rewards

After cutting so much yesterday, this morning I had to great pleasure to sit down and write some brand new scenes. Nine pages. By hand. Curled up in my cozy chair while the winter winds did their big bad thing outside my window. If I had to choose one favorite aspect of writing it would be this: those new words flowing from pen onto paper. Making my own world come alive while the other one recedes.

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  1. I don’t think that clearly early in the morning. I got on the treadmill as soon as I could this a.m. instead of waiting until mid-day. I heard that it’s a jump start to exercise earlier in the day. Time will tell.


  2. Well, maybe I don’t either, but it gets something started. Reading over the pages today, I realized they were flat. No tension whatsoever. And then I noticed that there’s a huge potential plot thread ripe with conflict that I have totally been ignoring. So today I revised those pages…


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