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As Cindy LaFerle reminded me, I am a published author. Sometimes I forget that, believe it or not! At a holiday dinner one of my husband’s family asked how many books I had out now. I thought for a minute, counting them up in my head before answering.

Which might be why, for the new year, I added a new page (see sidebar on left)where visitors can see my covers, get quick overviews, and click on access points to all four of my books. I hope to add a fifth this year, a novel, finally.

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  1. Cindy, I am honored (and happy) that you took me seriously! And I learned more about your books too. I knew you had several out, but gosh, you’ve got even more than I realized. I love the Cup of Comfort series too, and will look for your piece. Kudos, Cindy! Keep writing for us!


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