After a nice holiday break, I crave my regular routine on the one hand, but on the other, I’d rather just read my Kindle;-)

It’s hard to get back to revising a first draft when you’ve been away from it for a few days. And for me, it has been particularly difficult this morning. I finished revising Act 1 before my break, so now I need to move on to the next part of the book. The middle. Ugh.

Haven’t read over my NaNo pages for Act 2, but I’m pretty sure they’re messier than a kitchen after Christmas dinner. So I thought I’d cheat and write a new scene today, and then tomorrow, when I’ve gotten myself warmed up, I’ll read the shitty NaNo pages. But as I started to write, I knew I had already done the scene that comes next. It’s buried somewhere in those NaNo pages. 

What I need to do now is read through the mess, recover what still works, reorganize, restructure, revise. I confess, I am not looking forward to it. But I’m going to do it. Right now.

0 Comments on “Confession

  1. Just like the kitchen, the ms. got cleaned up or at least somewhat organized. At least now I can see where I need to go. And I’m getting there faster than I thought I would!


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